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Villa Dante

Comfortable and furnished in '70s style

A typical cottage with a large porch by the sea. Villa Dante offers the biggest and most comfortable solutions type A (approximately 80 sq.m): duplex three-room apartments with private garden, porch, terrace with sea view, master bedroom, twin bedroom, living room with double sofa bed, kitchen, two bathrooms with shower box.

In the east corner you have a small three-room apartment type Ma (approximately 40 sq.m) with private garden, veranda, living room with a kitchenette, single sofa bed, master bedroom, bedroom with a bunk bed, bathroom with shower box.

Downstairs on the back of the building, you can find two-room apartments type E (approximately 35 sq.m): a two-room apartment with veranda and private garden, master bedroom, living room with double sofa bed, a kitchenette, bathroom with shower box, type D (approximately 30 sq.m). A two-room apartment with veranda and small private garden, master bedroom with an extra bed, kitchen-diner, bathroom with shower box.


trilo 4+2 e 4+1 • bilo 2+2 e 2+1 | da 30 a 80mq
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A Villa Dante 1 Piano Fc5121c7224fb49e811a501df12051a9
D Villa Dante 792c7d2e1683f25cc7e52cc4fd51fa05
E Villa Dante 345d8754be96cb984093377af149e911
Ma Villa Dante 89181eb9f2b7a83d548050957f33ddcc

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