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The small and simple bungalows are the ideal solution for those who love autonomy and fresh air.

We offer 25 sq.m two-room brick cottages with a 15 sq.m veranda and a private garden. They are located in the large green area next to the pool lawn. Air conditionned bed room.

Type W Superior (2+2 beds): master bedroom, living room with bunk bed, kitchenette, bathroom with a 70x90 shower box, wash basin and WC.

Type W Prestige (2+1 beds): luxury finishes, master bedroom, kitchenette, living room with a single sofa bed, bathroom with a 70x90 shower box, wash basin, WC, bidet.

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Bungalow Soggiorno Pio 1980 Abe1fa9e063e7c4eace80eae7aa54abc
Bungalow Camera Pio 1980 9ca0c52dd3f886fc86d49a0856aab1e6
Bungalow Bagno Marco 1980 Fb2f9ff57f2179e6929ac8a17171f7e1
Bungalow Camera Pio Vista 2 1980 87a48d7f532fbbb2b3c51fb8d408975f
Bungalow Soggiorno Pio Vista 2 1980 Bcc03ce8ebbfcd209eb2bab0bbc86689


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