Swimming pool


Sometimes also the superheroes need a vacation.


The area of the swimming pool is the heart of the vacation Damablu. Material expression of our values: green, natural elements, comfort, simplicity, conviviality. Screened with hedges and sun-breakers from the waterfront, it is an oasis of quiet to relax and to enjoy in all calm the sweet sea breeze that comes from the Conero. Made on 2003, it is a in-ground swimming pool of large dimensions – 23 metres long and 10 metres wide – with constant depth of 140 centimetres, except the semicircle of entry with 90 centimetres height where are placed the seats for the hydro massage bath.
It is characterized by the use of natural materials – white stone and wood – and for the frame of green that surrounds it, with lawns and eucalyptus. Hedges of lavender and mastic tree delimit the place, enriched by precious pots of hibiscus. For the one that has already done the full one of baths and of sun in the beautiful beaches of the Coast of the Conero, the ample porch in wood is the ideal place to enjoy this suggestive place in the shade, on the comfortable couches. The access to the swimming pool is free for the guests of the residence and it is regulated for assuring the safety and the correct management of the water .








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